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I own the Your Neighbor Magazine franchise in Arvada, my car is my mobile office.  I feel the appearance of my car is a reflection on me and my business.  So, when my car was rear ended it was important to me to get it repaired correctly and quickly.  I had only heard great things about Mahnke, so that was the only place my car was going.  Their team made the whole process of working with the insurance and rental car companies almost effortless for me.  They had everything scheduled and stayed on schedule, I was impressed on how they walked me through the process and the level of professionalism.  The level of professionalism does not stop at the front door…..while they were working on my car I had to get something out of my car and the shop was spotless.  My car was truly being taken care of.   When completed, it look great!  It was clean inside and out and they walk me around the car to make sure I was satisfied.  If you need a car repair go to Mahnke, they do a wonderful job and they care!


Holli Arvada Holli September 23, 2015