Our Team

Sam Mahnke, CEO

Sam Mahnke

Chief Executive Officer
Mahnke Auto Body

When not at school, in sports, or with the family on the weekends, Sam worked countless hours in the family shop in Arvada. While there, he watched and learned as he helped with the shop’s additions, installation of new paint booths, and lessons in efficient workspace design. Sam was in his early twenties when he was promoted to General Manager of the Arvada shop, which he operated with great success for several years.

In 2006, Gary Mahnke stepped up and accepted an opportunity to build a new shop in Frederick, just behind the Stevinson Lexus of Frederick dealership. Sam’s hard work and dedication in Arvada, won him the position of General Manager of a large vacant lot. Today, Mahnke Auto Body Frederick is a showcase of excellent design, attention to detail, and a tribute to Sam Mahnke who was instrumental in every aspect of its layout, construction, and management.

Construction of the Frederick shop began in 2007 with the shop opening on the heels of the stock market crash in 2008. Sam’s constant promotion of the shop to local dealerships and insurance companies, providing them with quality repairs and customized care, built strong and lasting relationships. Mahnke Auto Body Frederick and its outstanding crew, not only survived, but grew and prospered throughout the historic recession. In 2014, Sam handed off the management of Mahnke Auto Body Frederick to his hardworking and dedicated protégé, Ben Mahnke. Today, Sam serves as Chief Executive Officer over all six Mahnke locations.