Mahnke Auto Body Frederick

8478 Raspberry Way
Frederick, CO 80504

(303) 485-8840

Mahnke Auto Body Frederick

2006 was a good year, the real estate market was booming and the future looked bright. During the year, Gary Mahnke received a call from a friend suggesting he look into purchasing a strategic acreage in Raspberry Hill Business Park in Frederick. Gary and his family chose to make the investment. The critical piece was finding the right leader who would supervise the design and construction of the facility, and stay to build the new business in Frederick, while simultaneously operating the shop.

Gary’s son, Sam Mahnke, stepped up to the challenge. At that time, Sam was General Manager of the Arvada shop and he had a trusted, well trained Assistant Manager in place, ready to assume the GM’s position. Construction of the Frederick shop began in 2007. Sam’s work with the architect and General Contractor has created a strikingly attractive and superbly functional work space. Wisdom from two generations plus the expertise of collision repair and paint technicians, along with advice from key vendors helped Frederick to open at the peak of collision repair technology.

Changing gears from construction to marketing and shop management, Sam’s strategy was to constantly promote Mahnke Frederick to local dealerships and insurance companies, then consistently providing quality repairs and customized care. His primary goal is to make everyone feel that they are Mahnke’s sole customer. The extra lengths the shop personnel invest in their customer’s experience have built strong and lasting relationships.

Today, Mahnke Auto Body Frederick is managed by Ben Mahnke. Ben is Gary Mahnke’s nephew and was Sam’s protégée throughout the construction and business building stages.

Mahnke Auto Body is very grateful to the personnel at The Town of Frederick for their help and support during the months of construction. It was an honor to have Mayor Eric E. Doering cut the ribbon at Mahnke Frederick’s Grand Opening with the Mahnke family in 2009. Mahnke is also thankful to the Carbon Valley Chamber for their warm welcome into the Tri-Town communities, and for the ongoing support from the Longmont and North Metro Chambers.