Collision Repair Estimate Process for Severe Auto Body Damage

Traditionally, the visual Collision Repair estimate has been the industry’s go-to method for providing estimates to customers and insurers for all types of repairs from minor to severe. In most cases, a Visual Inspection estimate is the best solution for estimating dents, scratches, broken mirrors, hail damage, bumpers, fenders, and cracked glass.

Severe damage has become too complex to use a visual inspection for the initial estimate. A quick Google search reveals that any late model vehicle has dozens of digital and electronic sensors, a range of cameras, a multitude of new plastics, waterborne paint products, and precise repair operations supplied by the manufactures.

To best serve our customers, Mahnke Auto Body’s management has re-designed the estimating process for vehicles with severe damage, or “heavy hits,” resulting in faster turnaround times and reduced friction throughout the workflow. Rather than a single estimator, the collision repair planning process incorporates our team’s diverse skills and responsibilities. Also, the collision repair team is accountable for each repair.

The Collision Repair Process

The estimate process begins with written permission by the owner and insurance company. Mahnke’s Certified Body Technicians then completely disassemble the damaged area and any other related areas affected by the claim. The company’s term for this process is a “tear down.” All existing parts are carefully removed, tagged, bagged, documented, and stored on rolling racks beside the work bay.

Auto Collision Specialist - Mahnke Auto Body

Next, the Repair Planner, Estimator, Body Technicians, Paint Technicians, and Parts Manager inspect the vehicle together, using high tech scanners, manufacturer’s diagrams, estimating software and parts software. When ordering OEM parts, we research, document, and place the order for every vehicle with extreme precision.

Mahnke Auto Body’s end goal is for your estimate to accurately reflect the repair costs with zero changes and surprises when you collect your car. We also provide our customers with excellent repair experience throughout the process.

Mahnke Auto Body Collision Repair Team.

As in all things, there are variables which may cause a price difference, but Mahnke’s motivation to hit the mark is powerful. The coveted prize is an excellent repair and a happy customer who will stay with Mahnke for generations.

Collision Repair Evaluation - Mahnke Auto Body

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