Our Team

Ben Mahnke

General Manager
Mahnke Auto Body Frederick

There truly isn’t a Mahnke at any of the Mahnke Auto Body shops who hasn’t earned their position from the ground up. In the case of Ben Mahnke, this statement is literal. Ben Mahnke was fifteen when he grabbed a shovel and began digging irrigation ditches on the Western Slope for his family’s contracting business. Over the next five years, he balanced his time between High School and working his way up through the ranks in construction. While in High School, Ben won several awards, including a Regional award in DECA. He still values the DECA experience and the skills he acquired.

In 2008, Ben moved east help his cousin, Sam Mahnke, with the construction of Mahnke Auto Body Frederick. Once the shop opened, Ben was hired for a non-skilled position, but his competitive drive willed him to learn every stage, function, and aspect of the auto body industry. The excellent crew at Frederick appreciated Ben’s drive and determination. They lent their support through coaching, and training, but stepped aside to allow him to learn on his own.

In five years, Ben moved from apprentice body technician, to Parts Manager, and then Production Manager. In 2014, Ben Mahnke was promoted to General Manager of Mahnke Auto Body Frederick. The shop has continued to grow and prosper under his management and the ongoing dedication of his highly trained crew. Ben says it’s a win for him when customers walk in the door with so much confidence in Mahnke’s quality repairs that they’d rather spend more time swapping hunting stories than discussing collision repairs. Behind the scenes, Ben is focused on continually improving Mahnke’s customer service and keeping the shop in the lead of ever advancing automotive technology.